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Get Hooked on KLING-On Discs by KLINGSPOR!

Here’s the sanding system that will change the way you look at disc sanding.

KLINGSPOR’s Kling-On® hook and loop disc sanding system.

KLINGSPOR’s top grade PS 33 stearate material is available in this special program. PS 33 is made of premium Aluminum Oxide grains, fully resin bonded to a heavy C weight paper backing. This is the material of choice for all bare wood sanding, sealer sanding, autobody sanding, and solid surface materials sanding. You will see a dramatic improvement in your overall finish with KLINGSPOR’s PS 33 stearate material.

Until now, hook and loop discs have been an expensive alternative to PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) discs. They were often twice as much as PSA discs. 

With KLINGSPOR’s Kling-On® (hook and loop) disc system, you will get maximum usage out of your discs. PSA discs rarely re-stick to the tool after they are removed, resulting in "wasted discs." Kling-On® discs are designed for quicker removal and replacement, which adds to more productivity. The "velour" backing gives a better surface finish, reducing the likelihood of gouging your workpiece. 

Call today or visit our web site to learn more about our Get Hooked!® program and the advantages of using Kling-On® (hook and loop) discs instead of PSA discs.

Advantage 1: Smoother Finish

Kling-On® leaves a smoother finish on wood when compared to pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). This is a result of the cushioning effect that occurs with the use of Kling-On®. The average thickness of a C-weight paper, P-120 grit with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is .0216 inches. The same paper with Kling-On® is .0265 inches. This is not caused by an increase in paper thickness but the use of "nap" as the connecting mechanism of the disc to the disc sander back-up pad. A softer scratch means consistently smoother finishes throughout the grit range.

Advantage 2: Longer Life

Kling-On® will keep your abrasives cooler during operation than Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. While the sander is in operation, heat is continually transferred from the friction of the abrasive into the backing pad, which will store the heat. Because air can circulate through the "hooks" that hold the Kling-On® disc in place, the disc will effectively radiate the heat outward, keeping the disc cooler, increasing the useful life of the abrasive.  That means you save money!

Advantage 3: Decreases Downtime

Kling-On® is the easiest and fastest way to change discs. Friction and therefore heat, is created when using abrasives. Over continued use and time pressure sensitive adhesive will eventually bond itself to the backing pad. This is particularly apparent if the sanding disc is allowed to cool before removal. Kling-On® relieves you of having to continually clean the backing pad or replace it.

Advantage 4: Saves Money

In the past, hook & loop style abrasives were far more expensive than the pressure sensitive adhesive style. Because KLINGSPOR believes cost concerns should not be your only criteria when choosing a style of abrasive connection, we have done something no one else will. KLINGSPOR has dramatically reduced the price of our Kling-On® style.  Not only will Kling-On® save you money in the long run, it will cost you virtually nothing to switch.

The Kling-On® Advantage - Another Reason KLINGSPOR Gives You The Most Sanding Power for Your Money!

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